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Sleep Display by tobiastom

Sleep display is a simple application for Mac OS to put the connected monitors to sleep. After the monitors are switched off, the application quits itself.

I was looking for a simple method to lock my MacBook Air without disconnecting network services and without the usage of a mouse (or trackpack). On MacBookPros or connected external keyboards I can use CTRL+Shift+Eject to turn the monitors of. The MacBook Air does not have an eject key, so there is no way to use it. Now, whenever I leave my Mac, while it is alone in an environment I don't really trust, I can use Spotlight (or Alfred, or Quicksilver or …) to start Sleep Display. It turns the monitor off, and once I return I have to enter my password.


Download the application from and start it with Spotlight whenever the monitor should be turned of. That's it.


Tobias Tom (


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